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Small Bedroom Decorating Tips

Finding the right design for a small bedroom can be a challenge. But with smart planning, clever bedroom storage ideas and a the use of colour, even the most petite bedroom can feel spacious and clutter-free. Small bedrooms lack space, so being inventive with furniture arrangement and storage will ensure you utilize the space well.

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Dorm Room Decorating Idea

If you are moving to college this year, it is that time when you pack everything that requires for a college life bedroom, study room and hangout and your dorm room will be your home for next few years. There are million things you’ll need for dorm life like sheets, clothing hangers, caddies.  It would

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What is Kantha Quilt? – An Overview

Kantha is known for its different type of embroidery which is most popular in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. Unused, old cloths and sari cutting fabrics are layered and they are stitched perfectly to make kantha quilt. It is intricate running stitching work where women sewn multiple layers of old sari cloth for further

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