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20 Best Beach Blankets in 2017

The beach is prefect destination to get relaxed from hectic life style. If you are feeling tired and want to enjoy holiday into summer than nothing is better then spend time on beach. There are few important accessories which you won’t want to forget like cap, beach wear, a towel, drinking water and especially a

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What are Roundies?

Beach is a place for having fun and relaxation. A beach towel is one of the most important accessory for any beach lover, as it create a style statement among friends. It has tassels all over around the edges which makes it elegant. However, these are thin sheet roundies helps one in relaxing. Moreover, it

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Essential Accessories For Beach Trip

Beach umbrella. Tent and umbrella is vital accessory to have for beach party. But going to purchase a tent keep in mind two major things easy set up and durability. Most beach tents are designed to cater to one these two important factors, while some of the higher end beach tents are designed to cater

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