What are Roundies?

Beach is a place for having fun and relaxation. A beach towel is one of the most important accessory for any beach lover, as it create a style statement among friends. It has tassels all over around the edges which makes it elegant. However, these are thin sheet roundies helps one in relaxing. Moreover, it can act as a wonderful accessory with your attire and give an ultra stylish look without putting many efforts.

Roundie is a popular term in context of round beach towel. The cotton sheet or woven cloth is cut into round shape and stitched tassels on the edges of round cloth that is called roundie. These roundies are perfect piece for carrying it on beach to sit on it and lay down on it for full day.

Here, I share few roundies those are popular amount youngsters. If you are planning to spend entire day on beach, it is great option to gather your memories on beach.

circle roundie

mandala roundie

woven roundie

roundie with tassels

round beach towel

red roundie

ombre roundi


blue roundie


peacock mandala roundie


old mandala roundie beach throw