Top 10 Dorm Room Decor Ideas with Tapestry

Transform your dorm interior with amazing tapestries instantly. There are few restriction in dorm room like you can’t nail the wall so you choose command stripes to hang them. Tapestries comes in multiple designs e.g. elephant, zodiac, tie dye, hippie, bohemian, mandala, buddha and many others so you need to choose one that fits with room’s color. There are thousands of tapestries and each has their own uniqueness so pick a design that you love most. There are worst part how to hang it but it is so simple and you can hang them very easily. Choose fabric tapestry instead of poster and wall paper because you can’t paste anything on dorm’s wall. Hang a string light on wall tapestry that should be 5 meter long or 16 meter long it depends on size of tapestry. Displaying photos on the string light looks great with wall tapestry.

We’ve come up with best 10 dorm decorating ideas with tapestries and you’ll love them.

Hang a mandala tapestry just behind of bed set. Choose a sold or vibrant color that coordinate with wall’s color.

Choose 3-4 boho tapestries and wrap them around the corner of bed set and use a round mosquito net canopy.

Use colorful tapestry on the back of headboard, hang a bulb string light and wrap a mosquito net canopy to create boho ambiance.

Using fair lights is a great way to decorate your home so it looks beautiful and creative.

Few different shades of throw pillows make your dorm room feel a little more like home so add them with Star printed Indian tapestry.

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