Small Living Room Decorating Idea

The living room is a perfect place to showcase the style you add into the room. We accept guests in the room and guests looks around and see how stylish is your living room. The living room space should be big so that we can portray those things we love most. But when we have limited space in living room space then we need to apply some strategies that transform your living area into cozy and aesthetically pleasing.

small living room

small living room with mirrorsMirrors: Most of interior designer choose mirrors for a small room and they strategically install mirror at that place that makes feel a room more spacious. Hang a big mirror in the center of living room to create an attraction. To create a nice oasis to a room, put candles or pendant lamp in front of mirrors.

high ceiling small living room

Ceiling Heights: If ceiling heights is more than a standard height then decorate ceiling in that style that steal the eye balls. You should use long drapes from floor to ceiling to achieve room goal. Add an artwork or room tapestry to fill vertical space that make the room feel more spacious than it is actually is. You can add a big rug at floor to visualize a room space bigger.

neutral colors for living room

Colors: Use neutral colors on walls, ceiling, floors and furniture upholstery. Soft colors and hues also light up a space. You can use off white or beige colors that make a room feel more spacious. Add a mirror in the center or use a unique tapestry to make it a focal point. Natural colors create a peaceful and soothing environment to a space as well.

furniture for small living room

Furniture: Choose lightweight furniture for small living room space. Heavy furniture will not fit into small area and it will make narrower a space so pick only lightweight furniture that makes a space feel roomier. Use light colors over dark colors for furniture and it would be great if you avoid boxy furniture as visually it would constrict a space.

Often, the living room serves also as the entry, home office, or dining space. To smoothly incorporate these other functions, keep the overall color palette (including wood tones) similar. Also carry through any decorative touches: Does the entry rug coordinate with the living area rug? Do the seat cushions on the dining table work with the sofa and pillow upholstery? When the areas work as a unit, the space will feel comfortably cohesive.