20 Best Tapestries Pics on Internet

Dress up bare wall with budget friendly tapestries wall hangings. There are thousands of ways to make your dorm and bedroom walls beautiful. The bedroom is as much a place of contemplation and relaxation as it is one of seduction. With busy workday lives and high-use home offices overlapping into your personal space, the bedroom becomes ever more important as a retreat. You can decorate your room with your own style by few tapestries and the same scheme can be applied for dorm room. It is best money saving decorating idea because it is difficult to afford expensive decorating things. Internet can help you in decorating your space by few tapestries. People are decorating their college dorm and bed room with different styles and posting their pics on different social media network. We picked some popular pics that will help you in your space decoration. It is best low cost decorating idea where you need little imagination with little money. You can pick a mandala, hippie, psychedelic, celestial, sun and moon, elephant, medallion, ganesha, vintage, african, tie dye,bob marley and many more designs to revive look of interior. There are number of social media users are blowing up their instagram pics with tapestries.



Black and White Sun Moon Tapestry 03(Source: Tumblr)    Black and White Sun and Moon Stars Tapestry Wall Hanging

Black Elephant Ring Mandala Tapestry 06

(Source: TumblrBlue Round Elephant Dorm Room Decor Wall Hanging Hippie Tapestry Decor Art

Black and White Elephant Mandala Tapestry 01(Source: TumblrBlack and White Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging Hippie Bedspread

Blue Indian Mandala Tapestry 05

(Source: TumblrBlue Bohemian Mandala Hippie Indian Tapestry Beach Blanket Throw Bedspread

Blue Plum and Bow medallion mandala tapestry 07(Source: TumblrPurple Plum And Bow Medallion Mandala Hippie Tapestry Indian Bohemian Wall Hanging

Colorful Indian Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging 20

(Source: InstagramGreen Boho Bohemian Indian Mandala Tapestry Peacock Wings Wall Hanging Bedspread

Colorful Mandala Wall Tapestry 19

(Source: InstagramIndian White Peafowl Hippie Mandala Throw Tapestry Bedspread

Elephant Medallion Tapestry 21

(Source: InstagramBlue Elephant Medallion Indian Hippie Tapestry Mandala Wall Hanging Bedspread

Elephant tree and bohemian tapestry 11

(Source: TumblrTwin Size Green Indian Handloom Paisley Print Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging

Marron star mandala tapestry 15

(Source: TumblrBig Maroon Indian Star Mandala Wall Tapestry Bohemian Bedding Bedspread

Red Plum and Bow Medallion Mandala Tapestry 02

(Source: TumblrQueen Red Plum And Bow Medallion Wall Tapestry Mandala Bohemian Bedspread

Psychedelic Mushroom Frog Tapestry 27

(Source: InstagramTwin Black Psychedelic Mushroom & Frog Print Bohemian Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging

Elephant Bohemian Patchwork Tapestry 26

(Source: InstagramPurple Unique Elephant Patchwork Embroidered Style Fabric Cloth Wall Hanging

Sun and Moon Tapestry Wall Hanging 08

(Source: TumblrLarge Colorful Tie Dye Hippie Sun and Moon Tapestry Wall Hanging Bedding Bedspread

Purple Mandala Tapestry 25

(Source: InstagramBig Blue Star Bohemian Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging Hippie Dorm Bedspread

White elephant mandala tapestry 24

(Source: InstagramLarge Black and White Elephant Mandala Tapestry Bedding Bedspread

White mandala tapestry 30

(Source: TumblrTwin White & Blue peafowl Bohemian Indian Mandala Tapestry Throw Bedspread

Indian star mandala tapestry wall hanging 12(Source: TumblrMulticolor Celestial Psychedelic Hippie Star Mandala Tapestry Boho Wall Hanging

tie dye elephant tree taapestry 14

(Source: TumblrSmall Size Multicolor Elephant & Tree of Life Tie Dye Cloth Tapestry Wall Hanging

Antique Beaded Tapestry Wall Hanging 29

(Source: InstagramAntique Heavy Beaded Expensive Gown Patchwork Square Tapestry Wall Hanging