Step by Step Guide: How to Stuff Ottoman?

Ottoman is better choice to have into home if you are expecting some guests into your home and available furniture will remain short after looking at the number of guests. You will prefer floor pillows and ottoman over buy extra furniture as they are cheaper than furniture. They come into versatile and vibrant colours which not only comfortable sitting over there. On the other hand, it is also best home accessories to increase overall interior of home.  But we got stuck when we buy ottoman cover and start looking at its stuffing. Many of us always talk and ask to friends and they suggest go to market and buy filler. But there is another way available you can stuff it at home by self.  It is quiet easy stuffing method which makes you relax. You need only to buy material to stuff it.


Material: You can use quilt batting, shredded foams, beans to fill it.  But some materials are less desirable. Foam packing peanuts may create a lumpy feel, and biodegradable packing peanuts may flatten under weight and not regain their shape. Small foam peas, such as the ones used to stuff beanbag chairs, may also be used, but you’ll need to contain them in a plastic or fabric bag inside the ottoman to avoid spilling in case the zipper accidentally opens.

  • Unzip the bottom of ottoman and push some cotton quilt batting inside the ottoman and push it hard to make it tight.
  • There will be extra cotton quilt batting when you fill it. Cut off excess batting around the opening of the ottoman.
  • Wad up newspaper, plastic grocery shopping bags or handfuls of shredded foams and stuff the hollow of ottoman. The amount of stuffing does matter which makes it tighter if you are using it for seating.
  • Close the zipper on back.

Note: You may find that the stuffing compresses the first time someone sits on the ottoman. If so, unzip the bottom and add more stuffing.