15 Cheap Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

Are you moving to new place? You will have to start everything from scratch into a new place. But don’t be afraid, here we would share you 15 interested wall decorating ideas those show you personality and best part is they all inexpensive ways so they comes into your budget.

cheap bedroom wall decor idea

preety tapestry wall hanigngs largeAdd a large tapestry wall hanging to cover up your white blank wall.

colorful prints for bedroom

Create a colorful arts on white wall by using some colorful prints and cardstock.

foam sheet decoration

Create your own design or words on foam sheet and hang it over your headboard.

preety wall decor with photo frames

Get a print of your photos and add them on white blank wall.

woven wall hanging decor

If you love weaving then create a woven wall hanging and hang it on wall.

instagram pictures on bedroom wall

Instagram photos are most popular now a days and this is perfect way to decorate your room wall.

framed art for bedroom walls

If you have framed arts to display so makeover white boring walls with them.

fairy lights bedroom decor

If you want to give a tumblr bedroom look then it is great way of covering up blank wall space with fairy lights.

rugs bedroom wall

Rug is multi purpose item which can be used on floor as well as on wall. Add some character to your walls with old rug.

cds wall decor

Do you have good stock of CDs? Decorate boring walls with CDs and make your walls stylish.

doodling on bedroom walls

You spend most of your lectures aimlessly doodling, so show your skills from your notes to your bedroom walls.

canvas print bedroom

Draw your favorite design on canvas and put it up on your wall.

bottle caps wall decor

Did you ever think that bottle caps can decor your wall? Hold onto the bottle caps and decor walls like this one.

magazine pictures bedroom

Decor walls with magazine pictures, it is great way of stamping your identity on blank walls.

decorate bedroom with tapestries wall hangings

Decorate with your bedroom with few tapestries and wall hangings.