50 Best selling Tapestries of 2018-2021

Tapestries are easiest way to decorate walls. A piece of textured or designed tapestry perfectly fit with your needs. If you live in a dorm then prefer a fabric tapestry instead of a wall paper because you can’t paste a wall paper in dorm room.

Here we share a list of top 50 best selling tapestries of 2018 that will help you choose your favorite one.



Burgundy Shiny Gold Queen Hippie Trippy Mandala Wall Tapestry


20150713065724-tapestry-beddingBlack and White Astrology Zodiac Indian Tapestry Wall Hanging



Black and White Elephant Mandala Fringed Tapestry Indian Bedding Bedspread


20150914092847-1Vibrant Red Boho Patterned Mandala Wall Tapestry, Bohemian Bedding


20150914112811-tumblr_nuj0zfUHqn1rs0oxlo1_1280Maroon Floral Ombre Mandala Wall Tapestry Bedding, Beach Throw


20150918142800-7bf1a82cd404e8bb7518020a3d2c8027Purple Twin Plum And Bow Medallion Mandala Hippie Tapestry Indian Bohemian


20151012092656-263175f46f2f753d7a5fb2cc0cad843aBlue Indian Boho Style Psychedelic Bohemian Tapestry, Mandala Wall Tapestry


20151031095220-RW-1038_AQueen Blue Bohemian Indian Mandala Tapestry Wall Tapestry Bedspread


20151031102613-RW-112T_AMulticolor Celestial Sun Moon & Planets Tapestry Wall Hanging Throw Bedspread Bedding


20151203153434-1sdfdsTwin Indian Blue Hippie Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging Boho Gypsy Decor


20151212101157-seaSea Green Large Leafs Circle Ombre Tapestry, Mandala Wall Hanging


20151219144229-542-1Royal Plum and Bow Medallion Tapestry, Hippie Mandala Wall Hanging


20160108134115-1Black and White American Flag Tapestry


20160212185233-purpleQueen Pink Purple Indian Mandala Throw Tapestry, Dorm Hippie Boho Bedspread


20160408105100-35879378_018_bBlack & White Queen Multi Sketched Hand Hamsa Wall Tapestry


20160608120710-assLarge White and Blue Plum and Bow Devi Medallion Wall Tapestry


20160614122154-13Grey Queen Multi Sketched Hand Hamsa Tapestry


20160804135739-RMTB525Black and White Elephants Star Ring Medallion Mandala Tapestry


20160902135509-starBlue & White Twin Indian Star Mandala Hippie Dorm Decor Tapestry Wall Hanging Art


20160906074658-blackGrey & Black Floral Ombre Medallion Tapestry Bedding Throw


20160927071813-1Black & White Wolfs Growling Moon Tarot Tapestry


20170203105136-1Pink Purple Multi Ombre Tapestry, Hippie Mandala Bedding Throw


20170206112734-1Silver Color Grunge Ombre Mandala Wall Tapestry


20170330131310-rmtb270Purple Plum & Bow Medallion Mandala Hippie Tapestry Bohemian Wall Hanging


20170403142545-RMTB365Purple Mandala Wall Tapestry, Indian Cotton Bedding Twin Bedspread


20170405094945-2Twin Silver Glittering Color Floral Trippy Ombre Medallion Mandala Wall Tapestry


20170405121016-1Small Blue Goddess Ombre Mandala Tapestry, Floral Wall Hanging Bedspread


20170410115534-1Maroon Indian Star Hippie Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging Bedspread


20170411074538-1Big Blue Cycle Of Ages Tie Dye Wall Tapestry, Indian Tie Dye Bedding Sheet


20170427112853-7Gold & White Elephants Medallion Mandala Tapestry


20170428101101-5Silver Color Geometric Flower Ombre Mandala Wall Tapestry


20170429094158-2Small Glitter Gold Floral Trippy Ombre Medallion Mandala Wall Tapestry


20170429113846-2Grey & Black Goddess Ombre Mandala Tapestry, Floral Wall Hanging Bedspread


20170502064055-3Multi Celestial Sleeping & Dreaming Sun Wall Tapestry


20170502084448-3Small Green Floral Circle Ombre Wall Tapestry, Mandala Hippie Tapestry


20170502093718-2Floral and Elephant Star Circle Tie Dye Tapestry, Mandala Wall Hanging


20170506055048-2Maroon Small Indian Dorm Decor Star Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging Home Decor Art


20170506084547-2Tie Dye Colorful Elephant Tree Tapestry Wall Hanging Bedspread Bedding


20170516140337-s-l1600Blue & Yellow Hippie Medallion Mandala Boho Tapestry Wall Hanging


20170517120500-rmtb324Black and White Indian Elephant Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging Hippie Bedspread


20170525081318-rmtb710Blue Multi Good Vibes Mandala Medallion Wall Tapestry, Hippie Bedding


20170526090128-195White & Blue Floral Indian Mandala Dorm & Bedroom Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging


20161224125516-122Black & White Rangoli Mandala Wall Tapestry


20180919120611-rmtb369Plum & Bow Bohemian Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry


20161218093854-RMTB483Purple Ombre Mandala Cotton Wall Tapestry Bedding


Sea Green Multi Ombre Tapestry, Indian Mandala Bedding Throw


20171228133605-RMTB834Sparkly Golden Flower Trippy Ombre Mandala Glimmer Wall Tapestry


20171228141222-RMTB847Gold Geometric Flower Ombre Mandala Wall Tapestry


20161218092000-rmtb4751Blue Multi Indian Ombre Mandala Wall Tapestry, Hippie Bedding


20171109144855-1Blue Indian Psychedelic Plum And Bow Medallion Tapestry Wall Hanging