The 8 Most Beautiful Handmade Things For Decorating On A Tight Budget

It happens most of times when we look at any beautiful home decorating item we always want to have it. When we have enough budget we buy them instantly else we postpone our idea due to tight budget by satisfying yourself will buy later and no one knows when the day will it come again. Everyone knows that interior design can be expensive to incorporate home accessories into budget. Cost increases by including little things to decorating space.

Here we bring some unique items from India those can minimize your cost in decorating home space. Below are the most inexpensive things from India which makes your relief from tight budget.

  1. Indian Pillows: Pillows are the quickest & easiest ways to experiments with colors & styles. If you wish to give instant make over with limited budget you can consider Indian pillows those comes with different texture and styles including patchwork, appliquéd, embroidery style, silk brocade, block printed & many more.
    Indian pillows
  2. Round Floor Pillows: A bunch of floor pillows is a great way to add some charm and coziness to your interior. These pillows are also very comfy to sit on. Floor pillows are perfect for a small party or unexpected guests. Thanks to that and to the fact that they are quite popular nowadays you can choose from a number of different floor pillow types and designs.
  3. Indian TapestriesThe quickest and least expensive way to add color or style to walls is wall tapestry. Dress them up with these Indian tapestries wall hangings will bring flair and style to your spaces. Beyond finding inspiration, you’ll also find our best tips on how to decorate a wall to help you hang your tapestry in the right place and with the right hanging method. Adding style and personality to any room in your home is easy when you use our handy tips and tricks for making, arranging, and hanging tapestry.
  4. Toran: Hanging a toran outside the house is auspicious as well as decorative. It is door & window valances those are mostly used on festive season like Diwali in India. They are made with cotton fabrics and come with different styles embroidery, patchwork and mirror work. If you are planning to decor your home on Xmas or thanksgiving you can consider “Toran” on doors & windows they will revive look of doors & windows.
  5. Miniature Paintings: The joy of purchasing a new piece of miniature art can quickly increase when you hang it on the wall. Miniature art is fine art. Miniature art is most often extremely detailed work, exquisite in colour with strength of composition which can more than compete with larger paintings. These paintings are done with utmost care and in minute details, with strong lines and bold colours set in harmonious patterns. The miniature artists use paper, ivory panels, wooden tablets, leather, marble, cloth and walls for their paintings. Indian artists employed multiple perspectives unlike their European counterparts in their paintings. The colours are made from minerals and vegetables, precious stones, as well as pure silver and gold. The preparing and mixing of colour is an elaborate process. It takes weeks, sometimes months, to get the desired results. The brushes are required to be very fine, and to get high-quality results, brushes even to this very day are made from hair of squirrels. Traditionally, the paintings are aristocratic, individualistic and strong in portraiture, where the plush court scenes and hunting expedition of royalty are depicted. Flowers and animals are also the recurrent images in the paintings.


  1. Elephant Tapestries: Here we will talk about handmade elephant tapestries are constructed in India with 100% cotton. These are made with pieces of Indian vintage fabrics. These pieces of fabrics are sewn together by needlework and an elephant design is created. These cool tapestries wall hangings come with multi colors, shapes & styles.


  1. Beaded Tapestries: These are antique piece of Indian handmade art. Artisans collect vintage cotton fabric and they cut fabric into multiple patches and then they are sewed together with needlework and embroidery work is done over it. Beads are used into embroidery work that makes them more elegant and very attractive. Many times it is asked how can be used these runner tapestries? These cute tapestries can be used as wall hanging so you can install them on wall or any space. It looks elegant if you install it on corner of the room or pillar of the room.  You can used them in form of dining table runner. 
  1. Vintage Runner Tapestries: They are equally same with beaded runner tapestries only difference of beads embroidery work. Even though, embroidery work is done over but it is done only with bunch of threads. They are equally elegant with beaded runner tapestries and can be used to decor home with same manner as was beaded decorative tapestries.